LFCSF - You'll Never Walk Alone in the Bay Area!

LFCSF can be traced all the way back to 2008, when Philip Ko created a Facebook group to organize the various fans who would make their way to Kezar Pub to cheer on the club. The Facebook group steadily grew under various stewards (Philip left the group in 2011, and it was taken over by Che Holts) until finally a group of fans took the initiative to make an informal group into something more.

Those fans went on to become the founding committee of Che Holts, Gary Edmunds, Aman Parikh, Coco Franco, Hilmy Rajab, and Hans Stadem. While Che decided to step aside from the committee in April of 2014, the movement has gone from strength to strength. And now, from a handful of fans getting together we've grown to packing Kezar for each Liverpool match, gaining Official LFC Supporter Club status, and having LFC Legends visit our great city.