Going to Anfield to support the Reds is an incredible experience! We hope all LFC San Francisco supporters get the chance to make the trip and feel the atmosphere at our home across the pond!

As an Official Liverpool Supporters Club, we have the ability to request tickets for Premier League matches at Anfield.  If you are considering going to Anfield for a match this season, please read below.  Requesting through LFC San Francisco is the most likely way to get a regular ticket.  It is getting more difficult as time goes on, but we’ve been relatively successful getting tickets in the past.
  1. LFC San Francisco can request up to 6 tickets for up to 10 matches every season.
  2. Please let us know how many tickets you are requesting for each match and send us the names of every person that the tickets are being requested for (max 6 per match).
  3. For every ticket you request, you and the people you are planning on going to the match with must have an LFC San Francisco membership and an LFC membership (light or full) linked to the “San Francisco Supporters Club”.  Please enter “San Francisco Supporters Club” (not San Francisco Bay) on LFC’s website here: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/my-account/dash
  4. Don’t request tickets to any non-Premier League matches or away matches – we don’t have any access to those tickets.
  5. If you are allocated tickets, we don’t actually get the seat locations and prices until about 2 weeks before the match.  Prices are usually between $50 and $80.
  6. If you are allocated tickets, you must purchase them.  We will collect $80 per ticket over paypal or venmo from you as soon as the tickets are allocated. We will settle the difference between the actual ticket price and $80 when the ticket is purchased.
  7. DO NOT MAKE FINAL TRAVEL PLANS UNTIL WE TELL YOU THAT THE TICKETS HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED TO YOU.  This means don’t purchase plane tickets and non-refundable hotel stays until we are allocated the tickets.  We usually know if tickets have been allocated to you 5-6 weeks before the match.
  8. Matches may be moved for TV or cup matches.  The revised match schedules usually come out 4-6 weeks before the actual matches.
  9. You must live in the area (anywhere in San Francisco Bay Area is fine) to request tickets through us.
  10. Where are the seats?  The seats can be anywhere in the stadium.  We cannot ask for specific sections or seats.  Seats are usually in the Kop, but we can’t guarantee this.
  11. Are there paper tickets?  No – tickets are on a virtual LFC Membership card.  You will get links to this when you purchase LFC membership.
  12. What if the match is moved for a cup match, TV schedule, etc?  You are still responsible for purchasing the ticket.  Please be aware of this when you request tickets.

We have a short window in which to request tickets.  The window for the first half of the season usually ends at the beginning of July.  The window for the second half usually ends at the end of October.

Often we get ticket requests outside the request windows. Unfortunately, we cannot request tickets from the club outside the request windows. If you are requesting tickets after the window has closed, your options for tickets are:

  • Occasionally, the LFC website will have additional ticket sales for specific matches when they held too many tickets back. Please visit the LFC Website for details.
  • LFC Official ticket packages – these are expensive, but the easiest and most reliable way to get tickets. Also, when considering flight/hotel, the cost isn’t too great.
  • Thomas Cook Match Breaks – see #2, but less availability than #2 and they seem slightly cheaper for less premium matches
  • Ticket brokers – these are cheaper, but we can’t guarantee you won’t get scammed. Please visit our facebook page to see how others have purchased tickets through these other sites. Some people have had success.

When making travel plans, please keep this in mind – spending 4 days in Liverpool during your first visit is highly recommended. Liverpool is a magical city with incredible history and wonderful people (even some blues are nice). Take an Anfield stadium tour, visit the museums (many are free), take a tour of the city, take a cruise across the Mersey, visit the Cavern Club, and do so much more – there is so much to see and do in Liverpool!

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Secretary, LFC San Francisco